Advantages of the Modular Head

Our modular luminaires have been developed and put into volume production through cooperation with the Italian company Myrilia. Modular Head luminaires are distinguished by unique design features, due to which the products received excellent technical characteristics, significantly exceeding those of most Russian and foreign counterparts.

Patented technology of light module radiators made of special anodized aluminum alloy is applied in the luminaire design.

The luminaires are smaller than analogues with same power. Small size ensures easy installation and operation, and most importantly, high resistance to vibrations, sand, snow and wind load.

The luminaires are made of a special aluminum alloy, which has increased heat transfer characteristics, low specific gravity, better protection against corrosion and high resistance to aggressive environments, including a high concentration of salt particles in the air.

Luminaires can be equipped with various components (LEDs, power supplies, secondary optics). It allows to change the following characteristics: device power, light distribution and uniformity of luminous flux.

The luminaires use silicone lenses which have optic efficiency of more than 95% and optimal light distribution. The luminaires offer one of the highest levels of ingress protection (IP67).

Tamper-resistant silicone lenses have a special coating to reduce contamination. Thus, the equipment may be maintained at a much lower frequency.

The luminaires have a high light efficiency, which became possible thanks to the installation of modern 7th generation LEDs in combination with special lenses.

The luminaires are designed in such a way that the light source and the power supply are not in close contact with each other. The power supply is located in a separate module, where it remains at the lower temperature. This separation of the power source from the LED module allows to reduce heating and extend the life of the devices.